About us

At the center: Your success in the Middle Kingdom.

Ginius Partner offers operational implementation as well as management to enable you as client to make efficient sales and to smoothly distribute your products on the Chinese market. With over 7 years’ experience, we are familiar with the special market conditions, how to organise official procedures, what requirements effective marketing should meet and, above all, how to approach cultural differences to mutual advantage with mutual respect. We provide you with support and open the door for a first successful entry, competently accompanying you through all introductory phases – but we are also there for you if any existing activities do not develop as expected or you want to expanded them further. It does not matter whether it involves FMCG or the investment sector, small or large brand: you define the goals – we know and use the ways to achieve them for you.
GINIUS PARTNER | Expertise auf dem chinesischen Markt