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It’s not difficult – just very different!

GINIUS PARTNER | E-Commerce & Digital Strategy
Marketing in China is different from Europe and other Western countries. This refers both to user behaviour and to the big players. Whereas Google, Facebook and Amazon dominate in Germany, in China it is companies like Baidu, Alibaba, JD, Kuaishou, Touitao and WeChat. Users head directly to the big platforms and do not use search engines, especially for shopping. The other differences are not that big – but they are important. Your offer must be tailored to these differences. We will help you with this.
Visibility on the Chinese market
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Various touchpoints are necessary to achieve broad brand recognition right from the start. It is always a matter of taking the right paths to create and permanently establishing brand awareness with the end customer. Some examples that should be used as a guide: Alibaba’s ecosystem alone includes more than 12 different areas and is on the rise. WeChat is the super app with 1.2 billion active users and 20 million official accounts via which companies are allowed to advertise. The Mini Program is an app within the app, where shops and other content are used and shared in a business-like way. And that with 400 million users each day. All “channels” that have become indispensable and should be “played” under special criteria.

What else you need to know: a new e-commerce law has been in force since 1 January 2019. Daigous (private sellers from China living abroad) have had to declare and register their business activities since 1 January 2019. China has relaxed the rules for the cross-border e-commerce industry for companies. At the same time, a brand in the CBEC must prove that it is the owner of a brand. Otherwise, you are not allowed to sell via the CBEC channel. The grey market can consequently be controlled much better. Also important: with CBEC, products from abroad are delivered directly to Chinese free trade zones. Here, too, we provide you with advice on optimal and rational courses of action.

GINIUS PARTNER | E-Commerce & Digital Strategy
GINIUS PARTNER | E-Commerce & Digital Strategy

We help you with overall digital communication, setting up and running the WeChat official account + the Mini Program with e-commerce feature as well as the essential translations into the national language Mandarin. That’s it for cross-border e-commerce – other than, of course, preparing market entry to mainland China for you. Benefit from the fastest way: China’s rapidly growing e-commerce market!

Mobile payment solutions in China are diverse. For example, WeChat Pay executes over 1 billion transactions each day. We can integrate all payment methods in a short time. We would be happy to advise you on Alipay, WeChat Mini Program, WeChat Pay and all services related to alibaba.com in the B2B sector.

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