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GINIUS PARTNER | Erfahrung&Team
7 years of knowledge and experience:
The Ginius Partner team
Your team that understands Chinese partner and, very importantly, is understood locally. Many of them have been with us since the beginning and are, therefore, equipped with 7 years of intensive experience to recognise and remove barriers. This is only possible with a feel for subtle nuances, sensitivities and the peculiarities of the Chinese market. And, of course, in-depth deep knowledge of all the official and legal conditions. Having respect for different cultures is one of the keys to success. Sound knowledge is one of the stable pillars. Our team will be happy to answer your questions and will be available from the very beginning or on hand to help with any expansion plans, providing you with all the necessary information, including anything relevant to behaviour and insights into the Chinese market. Using our numerous contacts for this purpose in your interest is a matter of course for us. Together, we’ll make your brand and products the desired size they need to be to really grow. On what is the world’s largest market with an eye to the future. We have the team for you.