Foreign commerce consulting & legal service

You’ll never
work alone

GINIUS PARTNER | Aussenhandelsberatung & Legal Service
We provide your company with support before, during and after.

The entry of a German company onto a foreign market, especially the Chinese market, should never take place without prior legal protection and advice. Quick decisions are often required, especially when specifications, regulations or laws change – which is not uncommon. This makes it almost necessary to have a local partner – because its not always possible to present yourself and even then, not everything is always immediately transparent. Ginius Partners ensures that you are 100% looked after at all times.

We guide your company through Chinese laws, legislation and,
of course, also the ins and outs of tax laws. You are not alone.

GINIUS PARTNER | Aussenhandelsberatung & Legal Service
The protection of intellectual property (IP)
Your brand, your product, your idea

Always one of the first steps: checking whether a trade mark application with the appropriate trade mark protection for China can be guaranteed – through to the necessary conversion of trade marks into Chinese characters.

Bureaucracy and how to deal with it.
Together with our partners, we help you to set up a business in China and even help overcome small bureaucratic hurdles, such as

  • accounting and tax compliance services
  • commercial and administrative services
  • employee matters
  • immigration requirements and visa issues
  • dispute resolution, for example, in the event of dismissals or quality problems
  • etc.