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GINIUS PARTNER | Unser Netzwerk
our network
One of our special features is our intensive network with people and institutions in the Chinese market. This means that the different cultures have already been connected for a long time and all actions in daily life are mutually understood. Our long-standing partnerships, characterised by experience, include large and established
  • sales partners in China with the best contacts to the big portals
  • data agencies in China, whose analysis can provide effective guidelines all the way through to product development
  • lawyers in China for a safe step into China and also within China
  • logistics partners and logistics advisers in China who also help you with shipping in cross-border e-commerce
  • e-commerce operations centre
  • digital marketing Red, Weibo, WeChat, SEO, etc.
GINIUS PARTNER | Unser Netzwerk
TP Services (TP = Tmall Partner) are our sales partners who take care of the large portals. We offer you particularly advanced solutions locally throughout the entire value chain – while you retain complete control. TP Services’s range includes
  • digital communication
  • merchandising
  • EC operations
  • intelligent supply chain management
  • omnichannel distribution
  • and the complete associated customer support
If you want to establish a brand with a TP and launch your own Tmall global flagship store, we can give you an approximate suggestion in advance of how to enter the CBEC (cross-border e-commerce) market and what it would cost.